City of Riverside with TIBA

DTLA Electric Enhances Parking for the City of Riverside

DTLA Electric is proud to have contributed to the City of Riverside’s ongoing efforts to enhance public services and infrastructure. Our team played a crucial role in upgrading the city’s parking infrastructure by installing a cutting-edge TIBA automated parking system at a key city facility.

This project encompassed the installation of:

  • Cat6 Data Cabling: Ensuring seamless communication and real-time data transmission within the parking system.
  • Inductive Loop Detection Systems: Providing accurate vehicle detection for efficient parking management.
  • Conduit: Protecting critical wiring and ensuring the longevity of the electrical infrastructure.

By leveraging our expertise in commercial electrical installations, DTLA Electric ensured a successful integration of the TIBA system, resulting in a more efficient, user-friendly, and technologically advanced parking experience for the Riverside community. We are committed to supporting municipalities in their efforts to modernize and improve public services through innovative solutions.